The Story of Up The Wooden Hills

Gothenburg based designer Lisa Marie Andersson was born near the harbour in Southern Sweden and after working for fashion companies like Très Bien Shop and Permanent Vacation she established her own brand Up The Wooden Hills in late 2010.

Up The Wooden Hills was actually originally created as a handmade clothing brand but gradually evolved into a paper label during late spring 2013.

One day Lisa Marie started selling origami pieces parallell to the dresses in her web shop, mostly for fun. The response was completely overwhelming and she quickly found herself sewing dresses during the day and folding paper items during the night, which might sound romantic – but you should have seen the bags under her eyes!

Finally, she had to make a choice. In the  end of the summer 2013 she put the clothing collection on a hiatus and shifted her focus fully to the paper items. Since then cranes and origami balls have taken up most of her time.

Lisa Marie designs the patterns, prints, folds and assembles every origami and paper product in her 1-room apartment and design studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

During the latest years she's also been hosting origami workshops in different places in Sweden and made creative commissions for companies like Sandberg Wallpaper, Arctic Paper, Serla, Edet and SKF Marine.